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Letters and Emails

Hope for the Future
Letters to the Editor

Earth Island Journal
2150 Allston Way #460
Berkeley, CA 94704

Speaking as an old guy who has been in this struggle since well before the first issue of Earth Island Journal arrived in my mailbox, I can safely say that women like Dineen O’Rourke (Voices, Spring 2018) give me hope for a future that otherwise looks very grim. I’ve known and worked with her and her colleagues, and they have the intelligence, energy, and awareness that we could only hope to have had back in the day when littering, river clean-ups, and nukes were our biggest concern. Onward!

Don Ogden
Leverett, MA

In Appreciation

Just want to tell you how much I appreciate the Journal – excellent articles, especially “The Long Run Home” (Spring 2018) and beautiful design/layout. I look forward to the next issue.

Eileen Wampole
San Francisco, CA

For the Love of Rivers

I loved the piece on canoeing in Earth Island Journal’s Spring 2018 issue. Like the author, I too learned my love of canoeing in Iowa. I haven’t been back there in 20-odd years and I suspect the rivers there are not so clean as I remember, especially due to massive agricultural runoff. I also loved the photos accompanying the feature. In my honest opinion, canoeing is so important for younger people in developing a love and appreciation of rivers. A primer on getting into the sport would not be out of line for the Journal to do. Thank you!


David Palmer
Reno, NV

Paddler Power

Paddling on relatively flat waters, like those of the Willamette River and Clear and Fish Lakes up in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, became an addiction for my wife and me during the past decade or so. In 2009, we moved to Oregon from the Sonoran Desert, where natural drainages are almost always dry. Living near the Willamette is kind of like hitting the Powerball for those of us who love paddling. We have kayaks, not canoes. No matter. “The Way of the Canoe” in the Spring 2018 edition of Earth Island Journal still resonated deep in my bones. It is an excellent read that I will remember the rest of my life. Learning more about how paddlers help resist environmentally destructive events is helpful. It makes me want to launch more often, especially when there’s another group of fellow paddlers resisting destruction.

Ricardo Small
Albany, OR


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