• Citizens Afield
    Citizen science allows us not only to contribute to research, but also to connect more deeply with nature.
    By Lucy Bryan
  • Recovery Roadblocks
    The Mexican gray wolf’s return to the Southwest has been sluggish due to decades of flawed conservation efforts.
    By John Soltes
  • March of the Armyworm
    A new invasive pest is damaging crops at an alarming rate as it moves across Africa.
    By Stephanie Parker

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Growing Climate Migration Threatens Livestock Farmers in Zimbabwe’s Highlands

Refugees from the lowlands are settling on areas reserved for livestock pastures, wetlands, and even river banks

Ernest Munyama, a smallholder livestock and crop farmer in eastern Zimbabwe’s Mpudzi Resettlement area, looks weary and apprehensive. His herd of cattle dwindling fast as grazing land is becoming scarce in this part of the country. Munyama blames the dwindling pastures on…
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A Deadly Pig Disease is Spreading Around the World

Swine fever has made its way into China, home to half the world’s pigs. Farmers in Estonia are already counting the cost

Ott Saareväli, the owner of a pig farm in Lääne county in Estonia, is starting all over again. In September last year, government vets diagnosed an outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in a section of the farm where pregnant sows are…
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A Tale of Two Whales

A trip to Baja California drives home the perils of irresponsible whale watching

Ever since I watched David Attenborough’s face light up with glee at the sight of a blue whale on the BBC’s Life of Mammals series, I have harbored a not-so-secret ambition to see the largest mammal on Earth. Baja California in Mexico…
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How an Ohio Family Surrounded by Shale Gas Plants Forced Companies to Curb Pollution

The Youngs are among 3.25 million Ohioans living within half a mile of oil and gas plants

Leann Leiter co-authored this article with Tyler Rivlin of Earthworks Allen Young and his family are surrounded. They can see three sizeable natural gas plants — operated by Dominion and Energy Transfer Partners — without taking a step off their property. Over…
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Bug Off!

As climate change creates new habitat for mosquitoes, it’s time to protect yourself and your furry friends

It’s another stifling summer day in Boulder, Colorado, winding down into a still, humid evening. During my daily evening walk with my dog, we turn toward a wooded bike path, hoping the shade will offer some relief. My rough collie, with his…
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How Many Dam Bursts Are Too Many?

Many nations are counting on hydropower to meet growing energy needs even as climate change is likely to increase risks

This week, a breach of the Swar Chaung dam in central Myanmar forced an estimated 50,000 people from their homes and flooded the country’s main highway. The dam, located in Bago region, overflowed as the result of this year’s particularly generous monsoon,…
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California Lawmakers Move State Towards 100 Percent Carbon-Free Electricity

Bill passed by Assembly would require complete shift to clean energy by 2045

California has given fossil fuel-derived energy a hefty shove towards obsolescence after legislators voted to require that 100 percent of the state’s electricity come from carbon-free sources. Photo by Randy Montoya / Sandia Labs The clean energy bill passed by the California…
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Brazil’s Voracious Pesticide Use, Lax Regulation, Pose Significant Health Risk, Say Critics

Threat extends beyond Brazilian farmworkers to consumers around the world

TOCANTINS, Brazil — In April, Franciana Rodrigues de Araus, who was then five months pregnant, left home on her brother’s motorbike. As she sped away from her community, bordered by two large soy farms, a plane flew directly overhead and rained pesticides…
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Ralph Nader
The ever-energetic octogenarian activist talks politics, environment, and why pessimism should never be part of a civic personality.
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Stacy Martin
The creator of MooPoo Ranch in Junction City, Wisconsin explains what led her move from Big Diary to small-scale food production where the animals are raised in alignment with nature.
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Leave No Worker Behind

Will the just transition movement survive mainstream adoption?
By Samantha M. Harvey

Learning from Death

Roadkill can help us understand more about creatures great and small.
By Eric Freedman

Big Soda’s Sneaky Tactic Undermining Democracy

Faced with mounting pushback against sugar-sweetened beverages, Big Soda is turning to preemption bills to thwart community organizing.
By Anna Lappé


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