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streets alive! utility box project

photo of a utility box, before and after decoration

The Streets Alive! Utility Box Project promotes environmental, social, and economic sustainability through the empowering and employing of local artists and community members to participate in public art improvements. By installing artwork on utility boxes in Berkeley and Oakland, we create a platform for storytelling and communication, transforming neglected urban landscapes and infrastructure into vibrant art pieces and a topic of intrest for the community. Want to have your art featured on one of the boxes? Apply now!

see all of our utility box art work currently on the streets here!
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Mural and Landscaping

Berkeley Project Day 2012

In Streets Alive!, we are also involved in public beautification projects such as painting murals and the revegitation of street islands as pictured above. Our goal is to improve the aesthetics and atmosphere of the streets while fostering community involvement and awareness.

check out the murals and landscaping projects here!

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