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Restoration Initiatives

Supporting community-based wetland restoration initiatives


Habitat Heroes: Return of the Natives

Environmental Education Project and Restoration

Grantee: Friends of San Diego Wildlife Refuges
Award: $25000
Total Cost: $61800

Habitat Heroes: Return of the Natives restoration project image

The project will design and implement a habitat restoration and interpretation plan for approximately 3.4 acres of transitional upland, maritime succulent scrub and coastal sage scrub communities on the South San Diego Bay Unit of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). Students participating in the Habitat Heroes Restoration, Field Study and Service- learning Program will assist in habitat restoration and through this and other hands-on experiences on the Refuge and at the Crestridge Ecological Reserve, a reserve administered by a partner, the Endangered Habitats League, these students will understand the interrelationships of ecosystems and the plants, animals, and marine species that rely on a fully functioning wetland for survival, then act upon that knowledge both at home and in the community.

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Friends of San Diego Wildlife Refuges
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