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Oxford Median

photo of people in safety vests working on a narrow strip of soil in the middle of a street

When the City of Berkeley asked our Streets Alive! Campaign to plan a forgotten median strip on Oxford Street, just outside the Earth Island offices….we jumped at the opportunity! Originally planned to be paved over with concrete, the Oxford Median Strip is now a flourishing garden. Sage scrub, California Fuschia, Aloe, Euphorbia, Dudleya, and a variety of drought tolerant plants now enliven the street scape!

A special thanks to Brent Bucknam and Hyphae Design Laboratory for their design work and analysis!

Check out pictures of our new garden and volunteer work party!

Production & Resource Gathering: Ariana Katovich
Design Team: Maggie Morrow & Brent Bucknum
Implementation: Jim Hynes (City Managers Office), Bob Maron & Ken Johnston (Parks Dept.), Mathew Taecker (Planning Dept.)