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Restoration Initiatives

Supporting community-based wetland restoration initiatives


90% of Southern California’s wetlands are gone.
Find out how we can work together to bring them back.

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Community-Based Wetland Restoration Grants

The application deadline for the 2015-16 program has passed. We expect to circulate the next round of Request for Proposals in January of 2016.

The Community Wetland Restoration Grant Program (CWRGP) provides funding for community-based restoration projects in coastal wetlands and watersheds in the southern California region. The purpose of the Program is to build local capacity to plan and implement wetland restoration projects; promote community involvement in wetland restoration activities; and foster education about wetlands ecosystems. The Program is funded and administered by Earth Island Institute

Each January we solicit proposals for the Community Wetland Restoration Grant Program. Nonprofit organizations, university departments, and local agencies are eligible to apply. Proposals are reviewed by a committee that includes a representative from each of the five county task forces. Typically projects are selected by early summer and can begin receiving funds by late summer.

for more information please contact:
Ariana Katovich at 510-859-9154
Shawn Kelly at (805) 984-9531

Streets Alive

Earth Island Institute works with the community to support increasing nature and art in Berkeley.

Streets Alive! aims to engage and inspire communities and decision makers about the concepts and application of Sustainable principles. By using art as the platform for storytelling and communication, Streets Alive! will turn neglected urban landscapes and infrastructure into vibrant art pieces and community gathering spaces.

Restoration Networks

Earth Island is working to support networks of watershed groups to tell the story of restoration and conservation


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