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“At Earth Island, we are part of a community of creative activists with a great track record and cutting edge worldview. This community provides us a network of peers and opportunities for cross-pollination.”
– Toby McLeod, Sacred Land Film Project


Earth Island Institute serves as an incubator for start-up environmental groups. Some projects will stay with Earth Island Institute for the full life of their organization, while others spin off and become independent 501(c)(3) organizations. Currently, Earth Island has more than 60 projects under sponsorship. What follows is a list of current projects followed by a partial list of organizations that started as Earth Island projects and left to start independent groups.

Project Directory

Click on the project name to be view that project's summary information page containing a detailed program description, contact information, and a link to the project's Web site.

Earth Island Alumni Projects

The following organizations were projects of Earth Island Institute before leaving to continue their environmental work as independent organizations.