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Environmental Education


glyphThe environmental challenges we face are ever-growing in number and complexity. Fortunately, Earth Island Institute’s projects utilize an ever-growing set of approaches to engage people in connecting with and caring for our environment. Our projects’ innovative approaches to connect people to nature span a gamut, from art-making and science education to hands on animal welfare and other forms of activism, to being in nature: hiking, growing food, camping, and more. The result: hundreds of new leaders receive training, thousands of students get hands-on exposure to the natural world, formal and informal educators develop dozens of lesson plans, grown gardens, free animals from suffering. Millions of piece of trash are collected and diverted from the lands and the oceans.

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Since its founding in 1992, KIDS for the BAY (KftB) has provided a vital, environmental education service to 77,178 students and 3,220 teachers. KftB programs provide professional development for teachers and academic enrichment for students, using the local environment as a living laboratory for hands-on science learning and for environmental action.

ALERT – A Locally Empowered Response Team
ALERT connects oil and public health, making healthy people and healthy communities part of our energy future. We give people the skills and training to deal with health effects from extreme oil activities and empower people to have a voice in what…
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All One Ocean
All One Ocean’s mission is to educate our communities about the dangers of marine debris. We believe the solution to ocean pollution starts with education, and we provide crucial education through our two primary programs: Ocean Warriors, our elementary school environmental leadership…
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The Armenian Environmental Network
Armenian Environmental Network (AEN) was founded in 2007 as a response to the lack of information about environmental issues in Armenia. AEN has a dual mission – to share environmental news among the Armenian Diaspora, Armenians living in Armenia, and the global…
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Baikal Watch
Baikal Watch engages both local and international partners in an effort to promote the permanent protection of biologically rich areas within the larger Lake Baikal watershed. We also take numerous conservation initiatives in neighbouring parts of Russia and northern Asia.
Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT)
BAWT exists as a vital, comprehensive and ongoing source of support to agencies that lead youth wilderness trips. We believe that urban youth, once exposed to wilderness, have a broadened sense of themselves, each other, and the world around them.
California Institute for Community, Art and Nature
By publishing books, sponsoring events and lecture series, encouraging research, and by creating places that promote convivial communities, this project will further and expand upon the work Malcolm did – perhaps more accurately the life he led – for more than four…
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California Urban Streams Partnership
The California Urban Streams Partnership is an organization of local, regional and statewide groups in California which advocate for the protection, restoration and stewardship of urban streams. The alliance advocates for: the return of wildlife habitat in urban areas; an increase in…
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Center for Safe Energy
After 22 years of work, Center for Safe Energy has closed its doors. A letter from Enid Schreibman can be found on their web site.
The Children in Nature Collaborative
The Children in Nature Collaborative sponsors forums and events to: Build community awareness of the health benefits of spending unstructured time in nature Create spaces for community dialogue and engagement Provide opportunities for learning and inspiration Promote collaboration and support self–organizing projects…
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Conservation Kids
Conservation Kids connects young adults ages 13-18 to the environment through the use of photography. We teach them conservation photography and provide them with the tools, camera equipment and inspiration to perform and document a conservation project of their own creation.
Eco-Village Farm Learning Center
EcoVillage is an "Oasis of Connectivity," promoting sustainable urban agriculture, environmental education, economic and social justice, youth leadership and community building through its various programs and activities.
EFC West is a member of the Environmental Finance Center Network. The EFCN consists of ten Environmental Finance Centers (EFCs) serving states and territories throughout the United States. By sharing and integrating information, tools and techniques, the EFCs work together and with…
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Ethical Traveler
Ethical Traveler is dedicated to educating travelers about the social and environmental impact of their decisions, showing how travel can be a potent form of diplomacy, and giving travelers a forum through which their united voices can serve the world community.
John Muir Project
JMP seeks to protect native wildlife, biodiversity and natural processes on public forests, and to foster better management of our public lands through education, scientific research and legal defense work.
Junior Wildlife Ranger
A hub for Ranger programs around the country, Junior Wildlife Ranger (formerly National Junior Refuge Rangers) propels childhood curiosity into lasting environmental stewardship. Through an interactive approach to environmental education, the program cultivates an appreciation of our public lands system and the…
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KIDS for the BAY
KIDS for the BAY provides a vital environmental education service to school communities. We use the local environment as a living laboratory to turn school students on to science and to inspire environmental action.
Los Angeles Wilderness Training
L.A. Wilderness Training supports adults who work with youth to lead their kids on outdoor adventures. We provide training in leading trips, as well as FREE gear rental.
The Mississippi Farm to School Network
Mission: The Mississippi Farm to School Network works to connect farmers with schools in order to bring Mississippi products to school cafeterias.  We seek to strengthen the local agricultural economy and educate Mississippians on the importance of eating locally-grown, nutritionally-dense foods.  By…
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Nature in the City
Nature in the City is San Francisco’s first and only organization wholly dedicated to ecological conservation, restoration and stewardship of the Franciscan bioregion. Our strategies/program areas are public education, community organizing & stewardship, ecological restoration, conservation advocacy & policy, and collaboration.
Numi Foundation
Numi Foundation’s mission is to nurture and empower thriving communities: we envision a world where all basic human needs are met and people have the resources to fulfill their greatest potential. Globally, we provide Numi Organic Tea’s fair trade farming communities with…
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Plastic Pollution Coalition
Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of individuals, businesses and organizations working together to end plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on people, animals, the ocean, and the environment.
Public Lands Media
Our mission is to provide greater ecological understanding, accuracy, and context by the media for environmental issues. To achieve these goals, we will use 3 primary methods – researching, writing and publishing editorials/commentaries in media outlets, countering inaccurate information by follow up…
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Raptors Are The Solution
Raptors Are The Solution ("RATS") educates people about the ecological role of raptors and the enormous danger to raptors and all wildlife, as well as pets and children, from the wide use and availability of rat poisons. RATS partners with other NGOs,…
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Richmond Trees
The mission of Richmond Trees is to promote and grow the City of Richmond’s urban forest and green infrastructure through community planting, tree care, education and advocacy in order to improve the health and well-being of the diverse Richmond community. Richmond Trees’…
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Sacred Land Film Project
Sacred Land Film Project is a community dedicated to protecting the Earth's sacred places through media, education and action.
Sustainable World Coalition
Sustainable World Coalition (SWC) provides sustainability education as a coalition of individuals and supporting organizations. SWC works to bring forth a world that is environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling.
Ultimate Civics
Our mission is to work towards a government of, for, and by the people: We inspire, empower, and engage youth (and adults) in activating democracy and emerge as game-changers. We believe in our youth, so we create educational tools to engage and…
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West County DIGS
We support school gardens in West Contra Costa County by providing resources, advocacy, and partnerships. We build out community's resilience by cultivating wellness, academic achievement, and sustainable practices.
Wild Hope
Wild Hope magazine publishes stories and images that raise awareness of the need to preserve Earth’s biodiversity and inspire readers to get involved in protecting other species with whom we share this planet. Wild Hope is co-created by naturalists, conservationists, wildlife rehabilitators,…
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