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glyphMany of us cannot imagine a world without the Yosemite Valley, the Serengeti or Lake Baikal, but each of these cultural and ecological treasures were saved through hard-fought conservation battles. These places, and many like them, are still under threat from development, deregulation, climate change, and pollution. The crucial work of restoring and protecting habitat remains a core focus within the Earth Island network. Our projects support hands-on restoration, monitoring and research, along with legislative and legal action, in order to protect critical habitats for all forms of life, and for all time.

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The Southern Steelhead Trout, an evolutionarily distinct fish population native to Southern California and Northern Mexico, once numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Today, largely due to loss of upstream habitat, the Southern Steelhead population lies at less than one percent of its former number. South Coast Habitat Restoration uses a cross-sector collaborative model to leverage funds to restore stream and estuary habitat on California’s Central Coast. Working with private landowners, resource agencies, and local government, SCHR has over the last ten years removed twelve barriers from the Carpinteria Creek watershed, installed six bridges over the creek, and restored 36 miles of stream-to-fish passage in order to give this unique species a swimming chance.

The Altai Project
The Altai Project will protect natural landscapes and wildlife and support indigenous cultures and traditional lifeways in and around Russia and the 4-nation Greater Altai region that also includes Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and China through community collaborations and targeted campaigns. We will work…
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Alter Terra
Alter Terra takes an innovative approach to addressing the environmental and socioeconomic effects of unplanned urbanization by promoting initiatives that reduce poverty, create jobs, and improve general health of neighborhoods that lack sanitation and healthcare. Focusing on biodiversity and watershed-based planning, we…
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Baikal Watch
Baikal Watch engages both local and international partners in an effort to promote the permanent protection of biologically rich areas within the larger Lake Baikal watershed. We also take numerous conservation initiatives in neighbouring parts of Russia and northern Asia.
The Borneo Project
The Borneo Project provides US-based support for ongoing campaigns to promote indigenous rights and conserve the forest in Indonesian and Malaysian Borneo. We do this through providing small grants, online actions, sign on letters, and international advocacy on forest and climate issues.…
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California Urban Streams Partnership
The California Urban Streams Partnership is an organization of local, regional and statewide groups in California which advocate for the protection, restoration and stewardship of urban streams. The alliance advocates for: the return of wildlife habitat in urban areas; an increase in…
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Center for Ecosystem Restoration
CER is focused on promoting environmental restoration and completing restoration projects. We believe that restoration offers a practicable form of sustainable development which can improve the human and natural environment while reconnecting communities to land and water.
Conservation Kids
Conservation Kids connects young adults ages 13-18 to the environment through the use of photography. We teach them conservation photography and provide them with the tools, camera equipment and inspiration to perform and document a conservation project of their own creation.
Ecovet Global
Ecovet Global partners with organizations and communities around the world to improve animal health (domestic and wildlife) as a sustainable path to resolving issues connecting poverty, threats to public health, food insecurity, and loss of biodiversity. Using an integrative approach that focuses…
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EFC West is a member of the Environmental Finance Center Network. The EFCN consists of ten Environmental Finance Centers (EFCs) serving states and territories throughout the United States. By sharing and integrating information, tools and techniques, the EFCs work together and with…
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Guias Unidos
Guias Unidos works to inspire community based, conservation-minded tourism, by unifying local and international expertise and resources. Our project is based in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua where we: Work with local guides to establish curricula for training in English language, visitor services, tour…
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John Muir Project
JMP seeks to protect native wildlife, biodiversity and natural processes on public forests, and to foster better management of our public lands through education, scientific research and legal defense work.
John Muir Trail Foundation
Dedicated to the conservation of the John Muir Trail (est.1915) for people to enjoy for the centuries to come by caring for the wilderness, wildlife and waters along its path in the high Sierra Nevada of California
Kelly Creek Protection Project
The mission of the Kelly Creek Protection Project is to support a community effort to protect a 58 acre parcel of land at the edge of Petaluma, California, a classic old ranch with threatened frog habitat, oak trees, and iconic red barns,…
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KIDS for the BAY
KIDS for the BAY provides a vital environmental education service to school communities. We use the local environment as a living laboratory to turn school students on to science and to inspire environmental action.
Nature in the City
Nature in the City is San Francisco’s first and only organization wholly dedicated to ecological conservation, restoration and stewardship of the Franciscan bioregion. Our strategies/program areas are public education, community organizing & stewardship, ecological restoration, conservation advocacy & policy, and collaboration.
Project Coyote
Project Coyote is a North American coalition of educators, scientists, predator friendly ranchers, and community leaders promoting compassionate conservation and coexistence between people and wildlife through education, science, and advocacy. We champion progressive conservation policies and models that reduce human-wildlife conflicts and…
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Public Lands Media
Our mission is to provide greater ecological understanding, accuracy, and context by the media for environmental issues. To achieve these goals, we will use 3 primary methods – researching, writing and publishing editorials/commentaries in media outlets, countering inaccurate information by follow up…
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SAVE International (SAVE)
SAVE works to prevent the extinction of the critically endangered Black-faced Spoonbill, by protecting critical habitat throughout the spoonbill's range and proposing alternative plans to support local sustainable economies.
Serengeti Watch
Serengeti Watch sprung from a grassroots movement to stop the construction of a devastating highway that would cut through Serengeti ecosystem and its famed migration. Our project seeks lasting protection to the Serengeti ecosystem.
South Coast Habitat Restoration
SCHR works with private landowners and agencies to manage habitat restoration projects and increase community support. Projects include non-native invasive removal, steelhead trout restoration and community based watershed groups.
Urban Bird Foundation
Urban Bird Foundation works to engage, educate and nurture a broad-based constituency to ensure the conservation of bird populations, and preserve the interconnected relationship between people and nature.
Viva Sierra Gorda
An advocacy group that seeks to raise awareness and participation from concerned global citizens, to bring to life the daily work and generosity of the highlander community to rescue their homelands and support innovation in all sectors and protect Mother Nature and…
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Wild Heritage
Wild Heritage works to protect Earth’s remaining primary forests and to leverage the World Heritage Convention for wilderness protection globally.
The Wild Oyster Project
The Wild Oyster Project's aim is to bring native oysters back to San Francisco Bay through restoration, community engagement, and thoughtful urban planning. Our vision is a swimmable, edible Bay!
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