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According to a recent forecast by Management Information Services, Inc., employment created directly and indirectly by environmental protection will reach 6.2 million jobs and $439 billion in real expenditures within the U.S. by 2015. As job opportunities within the green economy increase, so does the number of students pursuing degrees in environmental studies.

We’d like to make sure that every student within such a program has access to Earth Island Journal – for research papers, for inspiration, and for the love of our planet.

Please help us by buying a gift subscription for one of the many university libraries in every state. Perhaps you’d like to honor your alma mater with a gift subscription, or maybe you’d like to send the gift to the university in your current hometown, or to the institution your children or grandchildren attend. Your donation will be enjoyed and appreciated by thousands of students who are working hard to learn how best to serve the planet in the future.

If you do, please contact us!

Many thanks for your help.