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California Wildlife Win Protection from Federal Trapping, Gunning

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Philanthropic Ventures Foundation Grants $20,000 Towards Transportation

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Heavy Metal
The debate about how to reduce use of lead ammunition is heating up in Oregon.

An Unraveling Web
Along the California coast, a race to save marine mammals from a life-threatening toxin.

De-Junking Paradise
A province of Vanuatu is turning to local, organic food in an effort to stave off diet-related illness.

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Funds dynamic community based restoration programs in Southern California focused on protecting and enhancing wetlands and watersheds.

Also home to Earth Island’s Streets Alive!, including the Utility Box Project.

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Earth Island Announces Sponsorship of Ecovet Global

How do veterinarians play a role in global development and environmental conservation?

With the world population projected to reach nine billion by 2050, the demand for nutrient dense animal source foods is increasing, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where the majority of communities survive on subsistence farming and small-holder livestock ownership. Yet infrastructure challenges and limited access to veterinary care are largely impacting animal health and production.

Meet Kate Sulzner, global health veterinarian and Director of Ecovet Global. “One of our priorities is to improve livestock health and sustainable production as a means to alleviate food insecurity, promote animal welfare, and support agropastoral livelihoods. By prioritizing food security and livestock health first, we can work with communities to implement long-term goals to protect local biodiversity and natural resources.”

Through the lense of animal health, our latest project is using an integrated model to create a cascade of effects that can positively impact livelihoods, human health and nutrition, gender equity, and biodiversity.

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